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Training Log Archive: mikeminium

In the 7 days ending Feb 17, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering2 3:50:13 10.61(21:42) 17.08(13:29) 29518c
  weights / strength1 2:40:00
  mapping - field checking1 2:00:00 4.0(30:00) 6.44(18:39)
  bicycling - stationary2 1:12:20
  walking2 1:10:00 2.49 4.0
  hashing1 1:05:00 5.0(13:00) 8.05(8:05)
  Total5 11:57:33 22.1 35.56 29518c
averages - weight:158lbs

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Saturday Feb 17, 2007 #

orienteering race 1:13:20 [4] *** 6.6 km (11:07 / km) +295m 9:05 / km
shoes: Jalas hi-top O' shoes

Georgia Navigator Cup "A" Meet - Red Day 1

orienteering race 21:57 [4] *** 2.28 km (9:38 / km)
shoes: Icebugs

GNC US Team Fundraiser Sprint. Never quite felt like I could attain max. speed except on a few short trail segments, mostly due to vegetation. A fun sprint, complete with mud and blood. Map had a slight taste of tangerine grammar (relationships between some features just seemed slightly off). I think that was due largely to a map intended for 1:10,000 or so having been quickly adapted for a 5000 scale sprint.

walking 30:00 [1] 2.5 km (12:00 / km)
shoes: Jalas hi-top O' shoes

warm-up walk to start of "A" meet

walking warm up/down 20:00 [1] 1.5 km (13:20 / km)
shoes: O T Blaze III

Picking up controls from sprint.

Thursday Feb 15, 2007 #

(rest day)

Spent 30-60 minutes breaking up ice on the driveway, but otherwise took it pretty easy today.

Wednesday Feb 14, 2007 #

walking (snow removal) 20:00 [2]

40 minutes to an hour of pushing off some wind-blown powder & chopping up some ice. Counted this one as walking since it was mostly lighter work. I've resisted just creating a separate category for snow shovelling, but...

Tuesday Feb 13, 2007 #

weights / strength (snow removal) 2:40:00 [3]

Heavy snow overnight. It averaged about 6 inches of wet, heavy stuff, liberally mixed with sleet. Due to strong winds, it was drifted almost a foot deep in some places, but blown almost clear in a few spots.


total of about 4.5 hours moving snow & ice so far. I'm leaving the time in the log at 2:40. It has been moderate to heavy sleet and freezing rain all day, so anything not shovelled as an inch thick crust of ice. This is going to be a very difficult snow to walk or run in unil it melts. Snowshoes would be nice.

bicycling - stationary 22:48 [3]

Monday Feb 12, 2007 #

mapping - field checking 2:00:00 [1] *** 4.0 mi (30:00 / mi)
shoes: O T Blaze III

Burnet Woods. Some areas I'd still like to do more with, but after I draft today's corrections, I think the map will be ready for a first class sprint race.

bicycling - stationary 49:32 [3]

"24" gets that adrenaline pumping...

Sunday Feb 11, 2007 #

orienteering warm up/down 5:00 [2] * 0.6 km (8:20 / km)
weight:158lbs shoes: Jalas hi-top O' shoes

Map memory. Took a white course control out to replace one with an incorrect code. Good warm-up for my own course & I decided to wear a lighter outer layer which proved to be a good decision.

orienteering race 2:09:56 [3] *** 7.6 km (17:06 / km)
18c shoes: Jalas hi-top O' shoes

MVOC "Valentine Hunt" Red Course at Twin Creek Metropark. With several inches of slippery snow, the insanely steep hills were even more of a challenge than usual. It was a definite workout. I jerked my left shoulder pretty good grabbing a tree to arrest a controlled plummet while sliding down one of the hills. It gave a pretty sharp pain for a few seconds but didn't last long, although it is very mildly sore now a few hours later. Hardly even sore, just making me aware of its existence...

Unfortunately, I wasted 6:08 backtracking to retreive a lost hat (I would have spent only about 2:00, except that Erick Lebreton had been right behind me and picked up the hat, then disappeared on a different route. But, I caught up to him a control later, so I have my hat back.) It was an on and off day for the hat... on in the open, breezy fields, off on the hillier and more wooded pars of the course. There were points later, when I was glad I had it back.

Also unfortunately, at least 3 controls were mis-placed. I'll give the course setter the benefit of the doubt on a 4th that I also considered to be off:

#9 - one small reentrant west of where it should have been, and well down in the reentrant rather than "upper part" Since the approach was high from the west, and the correct reentrant extended farther up the hill, I passed the one with the control & hit the correct one. I hadn't tracked progress closely enough & assumed that I had hit the one short of the control so I went on another reentrant before coming back. I blame about 2 minutes on the course setter and anoher 4 or 5 on my own sloppiness of not paying precise enough attention to the terrain & therefore searching a lot farther afield than I should have before hitting the reent with the control on my way back to the correct reent from a careful re-locating. This was an easy mistake for a slightly careless course setter to make.

#12 - wrong ditch/reentrant, almost 100 m. NE of where it sould have been. I did not check the attack from the stream and below... if the stream has extra bends or there are extra ditches, then a mistake by a setter approaching from that direction would be understandable (not acceptable, but understandable). But, approaching from the trail, the field corner and fence made perfect attack points, and the stand of thicker cedars (mapped green) just west of the conrol made an unmistakeable catching feature. Fortunately I only lost 2 or 3 mins, since a JROTC kid hollered "are you looking for 111, its over here". Otherwise, I might never have seen it, although I possibly would have passed it once I gave up and headed for 13. Sorry to be so critical, Tom, but this was a pretty major mistake. I'd have to give credit to anyone who is missing that punch but claims to have found the right spot.

#17 too far north, in an unmapped or barely mapped re-entrant within spitting distance of the fence. I crossed the first big reent from the trail, hit the 2nd reent & could clearly see the area of green-line thicker vegetation, but no control. Looked up and down it before finally continuing farther north. Cost me probably 2 minutes.

#14 This one might be ok or it might be a map issue. There is a linear thicket (fence line with trees and bushes) in a shallow E-W reentrant, and at the west end of the thicket, 3 distinct trees are mapped. The control seemed well east of the west end (I never really identified the individual trees clearly, Tom says the control was right by the eastmost tree.) I think perhaps vegetation has filled in farther west among/between the trees, so its more an issue of the map not showing enough green than a course setter's issue. It probably cost me 2 minutes, because I looked west up the reentrant & scattered bushes/trees first, then north to see if there was an additional reentrant before heading east. (The problems at 9 and 12 were still fresh in my mind, so I was considering weird placement possibilities rather than more carefully checking the most logical one first... I had looked that way, but didn't see the bag from that angle).

Fun course, heck of a workout. Thanks, Tom & Gabe!

hashing 1:05:00 [3] 5.0 mi (13:00 / mi)
shoes: Icebugs

SWOTH #59 in Centerville, OH. The trail made good use of Grant Park and other nearby woods and fields. A fun trail with lots of ups and downs, slip-sliding in the snow. Good fish & chips & Newcastle afterwards at Fox and Hounds English Pub.

Noticed before the hash that my Icebugs are starting to lose some of their metal studs. Disappointing, considering what the darn things cost. I've been pretty careful to limit running on pavement with them, although there were a few miles of paved & hard ice roads on the Groundhog's Revenge rogaine.

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