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L Knee, Iliotibial Band Syndrome

2006-10-06 – 2006-02-28

Grade: 2

Minor pain in left knee. Flight doctor assesses minor injury, muscle damage, expected to heal within one month, but taking it week by week. No running for time being.

13 Nov 06 Update. Tried running last week again and still experiencing pain at the same point along the run as before. Started comprehensive iliotibial stretching, strength execises and bike workout to cope. No attempt to run again until 1 week prior to BAOC event on Dec 10th. If pain still persists at that point, I will have to walk the BAOC event. If the pain does not re-occur, will begin light running workup with continued illiotibial stretching. Also in the market for new shoes that are better at restricting motion & promoting stability. As a runner, this is an extremely frustrating injury, but using a long term viewpoint it makes sense to give the running a few weeks of rest while getting to the root of the problem.

30 Nov 06 Update - ITBS injury seems to be recovering now. After 3 weeks of no running while stretching and biking I ran today. Light run on paved trail, small climbs, no issues with knee pain for the first time in many weeks. Ran on newly purchased Vasque Velocity shoes. The rest, stretching, leg exercises, and new shoes may have worked. Will begin light running schedule in consultation with doctor. Hopefully will have knee/legs fit enough to handle non-agressive running the Dec 10th BAOC event. Hopefully this problem never comes back, whatever it was (still not certain it was ITBS)!

Jun 06 Update - Well, with lots of missed O-events, lots of frustration, several doctor visits, and an MRI later, I'm running againg without any issues curently. One problem, I'm overseas in the desert with no hills, trees or anything orienteering-worthy in sight. For now just flat running, and so far so good. Crossing my fingers for my return to the US in late summer for getting back into the O-events.

Began working up a tough running schedule without much of a work-up. Also was runnning on cross training shoes that were somewhat old. After having a tought running day, played very agressive Badminton game against a ranked player- lots of twisting, bending, abrupt movements, and in the same pair of shoes. I suspect the injury (whatever it was) was caused either by that game, or the abrupt running training, or both, in conjunction with using older cross-training shoes.

I would recommend using the right shoe for the sport, and pacing your training.

For recovery, it can be tempting to go right back into running a week or 2 after experiencing no symptoms. It was only after a 3 week rest following a pre-mature run that I was able to run again. Be weary of starting up running again unless you have given the knee enough time, stretching, exercise, and other TLC. Heed doctor's advice. Consider your pronation and shoe choice. When not injured, be sure to exercise muscle groups that help keep the IT band from tightening up, and be sure to always keep that IT band loose through stretching.