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R Foot, Stress Fracture

2009-08-11 – 2009-11-30

Grade: 4

Right foot plantar pain started like a bone bruise and has gotten worse just by walking around on it. I am going to treat it and start with 14 days off and see where that goes. Swimming and Biking....YOGA.

update: 8/25 MRI and bone scan revealed a stress fracture. Second one in a year. Last year it was the left foot, this year it's the right. same area.

update2: 8/27 second opinion on films. dr. see's heavy inflammation and nerve entrapment, but no fracture. this seems more consistent with my symptoms.

update: 8/27 Second Opinion revealed heavy inflammation but no fracture.

update: 10/2 Third opinion was concurrent with 1st opinion. Second MRI showed some clearer stress reaction sections and heavy, heavy edema in the bone. I am in a cast until 10/30 at the earliest.

Out of the cast on 10/30. Lots of ice, NSAID's and PT helped me to recover. I still have some soreness and mild discomfort, but that is to expected with a broken bone. body work, ankle mobility and range of motion is key in recovery.