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R Foot, Ankle Sprain

2008-05-21 – 2008-07-23

Grade: 3

Rolled right ankle on a run. Was almost home of course. Heard a pop on the fall from the foot. Apparently a pretty strong sprain. No discoloration, minor swelling, but pretty intense pain the first two days, especially day 2 in the morning.

2 Jun 08 Update: RICE helped, no longer swollen and able to walk normally. Still has a way to go as it can be painful if extended too far. Have been doing rehab exercises to strengthen and have muscles re-learn. Might be able to run by next week.

12 Jun 08 Update: Tried running off road on the trails today and it worked out great. Wore ankle brace strap and was easy on the running, especially on the downhill. No issues, so will see how it progresses the rest of the week. Should be good to go to compete next weekend but will not be able to race at full speed to avoid reinjury. Still some pain when I flex the front of the foot downward, but I am noticing day by day improvement, so proper rehabillitation and reinjury precautions should bring it back to normal.

23 Jul Update - Mostly healed now, just being careful.

RICE and slow re-entry to activity worked. Trained with an ankle brace at first also.