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L Shoulder, Rotator Cuff injury

2023-01-19 – 2023-03-05

Grade: 2

Took a tumble on a compression bump at the bottom of a little hill while cross country skiing. Face-planted and took the fall on my left shoulder, with my L calf landing hard on a pole. Nice bruise on the L calf for about a week-and-a-half, but lasting pain in the L shoulder cuff area. Started Physio exercises and aspirin/Voltaren Xstrength for pain management. Also had to stop skiing. Skate skiing was the worst for it :(

Impact injury, probably bruising and trauma to the bursa and barious ligaments and tendons. Resting it wasnparamount, with ongoing analgesics for the first week or so, then consistency with six standard physio exercises. Gradually amped up the weights on the exercises. Really reaped the benefits of increasing strength in the shoulder and back; doorway stretch REALLY important for this, too.