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R Foot, Stress Fracture

2020-04-19 – 2020-08-10

Grade: 3

Ran 10 miles and suffered for it. At mile 6 loosened shoe lace and foot exploded! Finished the run by doing an additional 4.4 miles and crawled back up Piedmont to my house. Off of my bucket list! No more pavement running for me. I'll stick to trails!

Finally got an xray and referral to a Podiatrist. Have a bunion on right foot that cause me to overpronate that foot putting stress on the base on my second toe (fractured) and possibly third too as well. Also top of foot from tying shoe too tight (laces wont stay tied on my Saucony trail shoes.
Recommended shoes Brooks Addictions and Asics Kayano for running along with recommendation for orthopedic insoles. Got the Brooks at Tortoise and the Hare (doctor recommended) and the Orthopedic guy also sent me there for insoles. All ready to go!!!! Did I stay off my foot this whole time NO and I should have but who can do that, not me!