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Head/Neck, Concussion

2020-03-23 – 2022-03-12

Grade: 3

Concussion due to slipping on ice and smacking the back of my head full tilt on the icy ground. Teleconference with doc results in at least 10 days of complete rest, including screens (:/) Avoid hospitals due to COViD-19 crisis.
Hurts like hell; dizzy and queasy too. Sleep a lot. Can’t do much for very long. Xtra strength Tylenol every 4 hours.

Best activities for relief of symptoms and recovery:
Sleep, yoga, colouring (it’s true!), jigsaw puzzle making for small time intervals. Tylenol. Blessed Tylenol.
Be patient: take LOTS of time to g r a d u a l l y incorporate mild exercise. Don’t mistake one day of feeling good as a sign to amp up exercise. No, no, no!
Symptoms have come and gone with increases in screen time, stress, and vigorous exercise. Constantly monitoring this but I’m considering myself healed as if Spring 2022. Note: had a second mile concussion on Nov 2 2021 after a fall off the bike in Quebec. Gotta watch this stuff carefully!!!!