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2019-04-29 – ?

Grade: 4

Breathlessness after 1km. DVT leading to PE. Treated in Western General by Dr Cockburn. "Multiple and extensive". 3 months abixaban. Two CT scans not showing any more. 3 months came and went, still not seen consultant Jones. Left leg numb, with numbness gradually receding to calf over 2 months. Cycling after 1 month, slowly getting lung function back, leg not so much. Still no feeling in calf on 2 months. Thigh very sore when sitting still with weight on it. Rearranged office with lifting device on computer and elevating stool. Still can't work long days after 3 months, catching up evenings and weekends. Needing handrail to manage stairs if carrying anything, still after 3 years.

FASIC: Weaknesses in left leg muscles anticorrelated with the MRI disc bulge (scia. Weird. Maybe disc bulge is older and all that S&C created imbalances?

Neurology triages to physio Dec 2019. Waste of time. Legs are equally strong, but she has no idea how strong they were last year (~25% stronger!)

update Jan 2020. Breathing not too bad. Heart and lungs "normal" (i.e. deteriorated). Left leg still numb from knee down. Running slowly, without pain. Hills and stairs "challenging". Sitting for long periods still problemic. Lots of leg muscle involuntary twitching. Dr recommends "to do as much as you can".

Specialists wont speculate outside their specialism, so "my guess is as good as theirs". Best guess - "something" took out the nerves to both legs - left is weaker only from longstanding no-gastroc. need to gradually reenervate. DVT/PE is a symptom (albeit potentially terminal one), not a cause.

2021 Heart still not great per scan, bu who knows if this is from PA or since forever.