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Sick, Other

2016-06-15 – 2016-08-22

Grade: 1

Allergies started seriously today - nose like a tap. Hit is first with Benydryl, then had a Allegra in afternoon that seemed to take care of it. Some sniffles started yesterday, but today was full on.

Regular Allegra seems to help, but need to have hits of benedryl when I have attacks/outbreaks.

June 29 - Really bad allergy attack after biking through alot of grasslands back to Amsterdam.

July 3 Symptoms seem to lessen back in Whitehorse

July 8 - stopped taking antihistamines routinely. Now only occasional bendryl/chloratryplon if I have an attack. Am taking the Allergy-fx again, I think it helps, but who knows.

Got better by mid to late August - not sure exactly when.