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R Foot, Stress Fracture

2015-12-08 – 2016-02-15

Grade: 2

This seems to be a repeat of a problem I had four years ago, although I'm not sure the pain is in the same place. The top of my right foot hurts, and has been doing so for an extended period, maybe a couple of months. Doesn't bother me when I run, but it hurts afterwards. In the past few days, the bottom of the same foot has been hurting as well, maybe plantar fasciitis, perhaps related to the other problem. I guess I should rest it.

Well, it never really went away, but maybe I got used to it, or something. In the end, I'm not certain it was a stress fracture, and maybe it was the foot collapse problem that plagued Dad for the latter portion of his life. But stuffing cotton or foam wedge things under my arch seems to have helped somewhat, so I'll try continuing with that.