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R Foot, Impact wound / trauma

2012-04-19 – 2012-06-12

Grade: 2

Same injury as before has returned despite my sensible and gradual return to running and feeling good until this week. Maybe there is a fracture after all, will have to go back to GP and pursue further investigations.

Went to see Steve Hodgson when in Sheffield (4th May). He said that I do not have a fracture. He thinks more likely to be compressed subtalar joint. He recommended keep running to load the joint and it will recover eventually. Can also get Shane to do manipulation daily. Might need to reduce impact of running by inserting heel cushion or running on the beach; also practice jumping on soft pad to get the joint used to lesser impact than running.

Did as Steve suggested but mysteriously no further pain or discomfort when I started running again. Ramped up the mileage in preparation for the LAMM and still felt fine. All very bizarre but having successfully completed the LAMM with no pain I think I can close this injury again!