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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Green Day 3


2. Did not follow plan
Lacked concentration
Disturbed by others
Across reentrant and around aspens, and thought it would appear just ahead of me. Once I hit the rocks I had planned to turn left and go through the gap between aspens, but saw Charlie and Meghan D. & started checking all the other rock in the area, noting a boulder with a streamer but no flag. Saw 2 other flags in the area, one of which was my #13, so relocated off it and was on my way. Bleah...
5. +00:20Left around aspens and across the big field toward woods. Checked behind first (form line?) knoll first, but then turned to the correct one. A male runner (blue course?) was unsure where he was and tried to take my map to see but I held tight and didn't give it up! Darned Europeans...think they can get away with that behavior.
6. +00:45Wasn't sure of the narrow gap's passability so I went north, left of the dark green, just to be sure. Sue H-T, who punched behind me at 5, was ahead of me at 6! Though I executed the leg as fast as I could, it wasn't the fastest route.
10. +00:25Was standing in the circle but neglected to look "up"; checked around the spur NW, then climbed to the control.
11. +00:15Went E around rocks, then continued E for a few seconds (wondering what Tom S. was doing headed south) until I realized I needed to go south!
12. +00:15Went E in open area until I saw aspens and corrected. Original plan was to use the reentrant headed NE.
13. By way of the flagless streamered boulder I'd seen while looking for #2.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:00

Split Analysis

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