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Race Evaluation

QOC: Great Falls, MD: Blue


1. 130m down trail then straight
2. +01:00head toward 6, see Nadim coming down trail, Ben punches at 6, I get left and hit trail, s to bag
3. trail then s
4. almost straight
5. +01:00Marek and Nadim pass on trail, Marek goes too far right, Nadim goes right of where I want to go, I'm looking for the green, confused by shape of green and end up right, Nadim is heading up, I punch ahead of Marek
6. low up valley, can't see any mistakes but must have been slow, Peggy rolls by on unmapped trail, Marek and Nadim coming back toward me 350m short of control
7. climb from trail - greener than map, Peggy is wandering n as I go to bag
8. sw down valley to trail, Peggy rolls by again already on trail but she cuts in early but still beats me to bag
9. +04:00can see Peggy ahead but to no avail, pace count runs out early and I wander maybe 30m short of bag
10. slog up, no problem
11. ne to trail
12. +00:40got low to left disturbing some necking activity
13. attack from cairn
14. +01:30mistakenly head for 1 but catch myself 100m short then up to saddle 100m ene, rocks guide me in
15. almost straight using trail

Total Time Lost - 00:08:10

Split Analysis

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