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Race Evaluation

US Individual Championships (Sprint/Middle/Long/Trail): Middle - Blue


1. +00:20Hesitated way too much because I was worried that I was on the wrong spur. Should have read map carefully and realized there was no way that could have happened.
2. Went slightly to the left in the beginning to avoid climb, then up on the other side looking for the big boulder.
3. +00:10Somehow wound up on a second strip of bare rock to the E of the 'highway'. Made me hesitate for a second but managed to proceed to the clearing. Not sure exactly what an ideal time should have been on this leg.
4. Followed the bare rock but wasn't 100% sure where I passed the trail. At some point I started descending out of instinct and rounded some boulders thinking that I was 2/3 of the way. Saw a control and checked the code - it was mine.
5. +00:05Ended up slightly too far to the right.
6. Kept slightly to the right in order to know when I passed the cliff/boulders. Found the light green and spiked the control.
7. +00:05Expected to find a large boulder on the way and started hesitating at some point. Found the boulder with the control instead.
8. +00:20Didn't read the control description carefully enough and came around on the W side of the rock features. Overshot and had to come back.
9. +00:25Underestimated how vague the bottom of the reentrant would look. Stopped a bit short and hesitated. Was also a bit too far to the left.
10. Straight, cut my thumb on a thorny vine.
11. +00:10Left the control to the right to reach the bare rock quicker, but had to look at my compass to realize I was way off the line. Might have been better to push through the light green in a straighter line. Some slight hesitation after leaving the last bare rock.
12. Followed bare rock, found the small one where the ditches meet. Cut around the light green until I saw the bare rock.
13. +00:15Kept left to get out of the green, then stopped a bit short.
14. To the bare rock and through the gap in the green. Met Biggins running the other way. Ended up a bit too far left but that was fine because the gully acted as a catching feature.
15. Followed the bare rock and then cut into the woods just before the shallow reentrant.
16. Decided that the green would be thin enough to get through, then discovered a huge road through it.
17. There was someone behind me at this point so I ran pretty fast. May have stayed too far to the left but I don't think I got caught in too much green.
18. +00:05Stayed slightly to the right and had to round the first spur. Ended up a meter too high.
19. Followed the bare rock, still someone chasing me.
20. Passed Ken Sr. and went straight through the medium green, which wasn't bad at all.
F. Tried to sprint but was pretty tired.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:55

Split Analysis

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