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Race Evaluation

QOC: Great Falls, MD: Blue


1. +00:30Went straight through the woods -- but drifted a bit to the right and paused to figure out what reentrant I was in.
2. +04:00Down to the trail and up to the junction; Nadim passed me going the other way to #1. Saw a fox as I crossed the trail! When I crossed the ridge that #s6 and 15 are on, I misinterpreted which ditch I had gone up, and I thought I was further north than I was. So when I came to the stream I turned right, looking for the stream junction. Found myself at the ditches SE of #15, near the big bend in the trail. Took the trail from there to due south of the control and in. Marek (started 4 minutes behind me) was punching as I approached.
3. Took the little trail and read the contours. The bag was faded and tucked in the green but was right where I expected it.
4. Remember how nice this bit of woods is from earlier events. came just to the south (left) of the hilltop and across; I saw Nadim heading south out of the reentrant just across from me. I head up the same one, but quickly realize the control is one reentrant over. No time lost.
5. Up to the trail and along it until the bend/junction with green (admittedly a bit more green here than on the map!). I come right to the reentrant system just to the east of the control. As I get to the correct reentrant, Marek is leaving.
6. Stay low, taking the unmapped trail. Francis (started 2 min ahead) is just ahead of me and I finally pass him as I turn the corner to head up along the stream that goes below #7. Trail all the way! Then at the trail junction I follow the stream and read the contours to the oft-used cliff.
7. +04:00Dog-leg out and back to the trail junction. Hit it a bit high, think I've compensated, but I miss it low. Get almost to the boulder 150 meters further down the ridge before turning around and trying again. Francis punches ahead of me at the big huge obvious rootstock.
8. Nice running down the hill. Into the flat area, get to the shore, and follow along until I see the control.
9. Love this area. Going slowly because of my many injuries, run right through the (dry) pond, take a left at the second pond and see the control.
10. Up to the trail, take the trail junction, and turn into the woods at the steepest part of the hill. Struggle up but then it's easy to read my way in. This historically is a tricky area.
11. To the pits. I finally see Nadim again; he's wandering a bit but as I run past him downhill he follows me. I think he actually punches first.
12. Loose an earring backing on this leg. Stayed a bit high and still had to climb.
13. Nadim climbs out of the control; I choose to contour around. I hit the railway trail at the deep cut and cross it, reading the contours into the control (hilltop, saddle, reentrant). Control is a bit to my left.
14. Run right past #10 on the way. I hear someone behind me and I turn to see Nadim; I know I don't have much time to make up the 2 minutes he has on me but I try. Spike the control, though the area is a bit green.
15. Straight to the trail, off at the bend and straight to the control. I'm sure Nadim is just behind me, though I don't see him as I turn for home.
F. Too long a run-in! I know Nadim, and all the other guys, have an advantage over me here! I walk a bit up the hill but then push as hard as I can. Nadim's errors in the end give me a cushion. Foot feels a bit sore but not too bad. A beautiful day in the woods, as usual!

Total Time Lost - 00:08:30

Split Analysis

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