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Race Evaluation

QOC: Great Falls, MD: Blue


1. Hurt my right shin at 15k race yesterday. Thought it would get better after warming up but it did not. Started slow and got slower. Walked last 3. (1) Down trail a bit then woods to follow the reentrant down. Very slow and hesitant.
2. Trail to jct, then straight line. Got a little (lot) off when I passed N of (6). Came in from trail N of control.
3. Small trail then followed the reentrant down. Not sure I was in correct spot so went very slowly.
4. Straight with to much climb.
5. Up to trail. Saw half of punch card on trail, left it there. Found out later it was Randy's. Trail to bend & followed edge of green. Green has changed a little so looked W first. Got all dirty getting down the bank.
6. Back up to trail and past (4). Saw Brad on red going to (5). Punch card still on trail. Straight from trail jct but trying to save climb ended up a lot closer to (15) than (6)
7. Follow stream to trail jct then cut uphill.
8. Down reentrant to main trail. Pace count to right area, cut to river and looked around.
9. Picked my way through any way I could. Used the first wet spot and distance from river to lead me in. Shin is really hurting by now.
10. Out to trail and cut up the reentrant at the jct. Straight from there.
11. Straight. See the former spring S of last trail to know where I am. Vytenis goes by while I am looking in the wrong pits.
12. Straight with a partial contour.
13. Straight, taking the trail for a little bit. Wander a bit in the small clearings looking for the correct one. Moving very slowly now.
14. Straight again but drift way E. Notice this when I hit the 2nd trail after crossing the first. Come in from the back side and then do not see the bag hidden in the green.
15. Downhill to trail. All the way to jct, down to stream, follow it then pop over the spur.
F. Out the same way I came in. Back to jct. Hobble in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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