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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Diamond Hill: Red


1. Solid start, but last good leg for quite a while.
2. +06:00Poor compass work to wrong trail, wound up contouring around cliff line due S and not finding control at end. Finally checked compass again and realized I was heading in exactly wrong direction.
3. +03:00Straight over top, but kept feeling I had gone too far. Looped back and didn't find control, then finally recognized the bigger reentrant I was looking for.
4. +08:00I only wish I could reconstruct what went wrong here, but I can't. I know it involved another 180 degree error, and there was probably a teleportation event that I completely missed.
5. +01:00Confidence now completely shot. On correct line as I crossed stone wall, but somehow I only saw wall beyond the control, so doubled back prematurely (again).
6. N to trail, overly deliberate compass bearing from trail intersection trying to avoid further disasters.
7. +00:30Through saddle to trail, followed trail E of control but wound up having to climb back some.
8. Trail run, then along EW wall to form knoll, then on compass picking up wall fragment on the way.
9. SE to trail, up hill through gap between walls.
10. +00:45Rough contour, then down slope crossing trail and wall. Missed control sitting on ground below closer cliff, so went over top and checked far cliff before returning to correct cliff.
11. To trail, then noticed that map had run, and details very murky. N at trail intersection to cliff, then carefully counted boulders until I got to circle
12. +01:30More murky detail. Decided to take direct route if only to try to improve on my compass legs. Again missed low-lying biodegradable control on first pass, doubled back with more confidence from end of wall S of pond.
13. Contoured around hill, but got confused at trail intersections near NE corner of swamp. Had planned to go E of swamp, but vegetation bad, so went S. Approach turned out to be reasonable, although there seemed to be an unmapped smaller reentrant prior to reaching control.
F. Trail run all the way. Took northern parallel option near end. In retrospect, I thought course was very well laid out, although I would have enjoyed more details on control description, especially if low-visibility biodegradable controls in use.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:45

Split Analysis

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