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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Diamond Hill: Red


1. +00:30Started running before looking at my map...went on the trails to the R. Luckily, the "dark green" wasn't bad.
2. +00:20Veered R and bounced off the hill before the trail
4. +00:30Stopped short at a very large boulder. Really confused, but just went downhill and found it.
6. Seemed to be on a very small rock (?)
12. My recycled map bag leaked like a sieve right around point 12. couldn't see a thing, so I headed uphill looking for saddles. Luckily I saw some flagging and Ross coming up behind me. Followed him out of the control but lost him.
13. Was going to go around the final green swamp but it didn't look bad, so I followed the wall across, saw Ross crossing my path, looked up and saw the control. Seemed very high to me.
F. +00:15Went up to the trail by pt 6 and then N to the clearing and ran the clearing. Nearing the finish, I tried to cut the corner, but the swamp looked bottomless, so I turned back around.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:35

Split Analysis

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