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Race Evaluation

US Short and Long Championships: Green Y Long


1. Quickly decided it was best to head straight downhill and skip going to the start triangle. Straightforward leg with the ride and the reentrant leading me right in.
2. A bit scary because the fissure area border wasn't obvious (because it's flat), so I really was just scanning for the control.
3. Way too conservative. Chose to head back to the road, then to the road past 9 and through the field. While this route was basically flat and fast running, it added way too much extra distance. Also at the end, the map was clearly lacking some stuff -- green was more extensive than mapped, and there were WAY more cars than on the map. So I approached slowly. Not sure why I shied away from the trails except it looked hilly.
4. After punching I turned around to see Kristin -- started 6 min back -- punching in. Drat. Proved my route choice to 3 was bad.
5. And yet I still chose to drop down to the road. First followed the steep stream to the trail and then down to the parking lot by the field and down to the road. Attacked from the building at the parking lot and it was simple. I'm not convinced this was a horrible route.
7. Thought I might go through the swamp but from the trail junction it looked unpleasant, so I went around it. Trail on the other side was pretty muddy.
8. Another bad route. The trail didn't look good to me -- looked hilly and couldn't see a really good route. So I headed straight up to the road, skirting the private area. Long road run. Should have taken the lower trail to the reentrant leading to the trail that angled to the road. Drat.
10. The field to the edge of the swamp and across the reentrants. Crossed the lower reentrant below the control and had to cross back.
11. Hoping to break 10 min/km & I kept looking at my watch seeing the minutes tick away. Just too much climb for me to make it.
F. Almost made 10 min/km. Time really hurt by my poor route choices. Otherwise, it was a good run (ie, I navigated well, no navigational errors).

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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