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Race Evaluation

JK 2006: Sprint: Men's Open


1. Bad route choice
Ran deliberately slowly as I wasn't sure whether I would have any energy (first running for four weeks.)
2. Trail-O controls everywhere! Had to focus on the Sprint-O ones.
4. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Didn't plan ahead here, so climbed unnecessarily and took a zig-zag route.
5. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Again, was lazy with planning ahead, and got blocked by gorse bushes.
6. Pleasantly surprised that I was able to run up this one fine. Even overtook someone.
8. Straight line distance is a across a lake. Minimum possible distance 3 times this!
9. At the bottom of an invisible ha-ha wall. Hesitated before jumping down.
10. Hesitated
This one looked a lot further away than it was, up hill, so I took it easy.
11. No attack point
Read map too late
Bad compass work
Tired from previous leg, mis-read map and hit control 16 instead.
12. Did not read control description
Didn't read control descriptions, so had to go around flower bed...
13. No time to spot the better route choice.
16. Another wall to jump down.
F. Pottered a bit here, enjoying the "grandstand" atmosphere and audience.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:20

Split Analysis

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