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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. fro starters, thot cp was on same side of trail - got to trail, crowd was passing...
2. saw Meg Parson come down fm L - saw her ahead out of cp, otherwise no one
3. blew this, not sure why - but to L, marsh changed size/length?
4. L of line & turned L at first trail, duh. went fm jct, Marie visible leaving
5. st, got ahead of Marie, came upon PB & JIMA
6. three of us together, Jim first, me second
7. the same!
8. separated, left fm south tip of reservoir. Jim right and arrived at same time as I did
9. left around - wish I'd had the where-with-all to have gone more straight
10. same old paths & wish I'd stayed on st line
11. a runner caught up here & we traded for the next 2
12. ran beyond, following
13. took off O pants as was too hot
14. ran beyond wall, stopped, could see it - just ahead of JJ
15. picked my way left alone
16. st, cramps coming on
17. st, confusion w/ spur(s) but got it
18. st, read everything ok
19. fine - left fm wall corner
20. tad to L in reentrant but could see it
21. cramp - could barely climb fm pkng - Marie just ahead
22. paths to R alone
23. Marie just ahead & helped with the finding
24. saw her ahead, went in earlier, did not see her again
25. did ok, some confusion with contours around open area
26. ok, hard to see at end
F. slow to path, finished feeling ok, cramps had disappeared

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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