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Race Evaluation

US S/M/L Champs 2011 & WRE: Red-X Middle


1. felt good to spike the first control
2. +00:20swing a little north, but recovered
3. +01:00tree yoink and flung my SI stick.
4. easy. helped to follow bigguns
5. +04:00inopportune 4min walkabout. pacecount came up short. time to recalibrate
6. good
7. +00:30bad bearing, bad distance estimation, was good and quickly bailed and dafely reattacked
8. +00:10okay, should've cut in sooner
9. good
10. +03:00mispunch, fustercluck phase one. came within 10m of the appropriate control, then got all wandery. distinctly remember having lost my intuitive grasp on which was north was, being surprised at such, but not throwing the brakes on and reevaluating. got caught up with the crowd and went all dyslexic on the control (35 v 53, both on this course). was 6min, should've been 3min
11. +45:00eeeugch. started from the wrong point. reattacked from the same marsh/boulder combo four+ times. followed others to a new marsh/boulder/cliff to incorrectly reattack from a few times (note coming within 10m again, blindly) eventually lucked out and clued to the control by rapid passerby. was 52, charitably should have been 7
12. +00:15a little too far N, and a little picky.
13. good.
14. good. possibly could've bailed to road sooner
15. good, slightly indirect.
16. +02:00woof. waffly across the trail junction, no attackpoint. overestimated southward drift and overcompensated to hit upper cliffband. quick relocation and reattack
17. good.
18. good, actual semblance of flow here. just kind of feelin' it.
19. +00:10bad route choice, through thick crap.
F. zoom!

Total Time Lost - 00:56:25

Split Analysis

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