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Race Evaluation

US S/M/L Champs 2011 & WRE: Red-X Middle


1. Concerned that this might start out badly, but I got up high enough to be out of the green, and spiked it.
2. So far so good.
3. Straight at it.
4. No problem.
5. Trail to corner, slight hesitation just before dropping in to the control.
6. Way too far left leaving control, hit trail SW of tower (and there was a guy out there in the woods with a leaf blower -- bizarre). Cut in to look for the control a bit early.
11. Decided that this one looked tricky and I should take it carefully. Not carefully enough. Came to a marsh, looked bigger than anything I could see on the map, wasn't sure what it was, but it seemed to have a distinct stream leading out of it. Followed the stream dow, got stuck in some green, then climbed a hill to figure out where I was. Looked like I might be just east of the control, so I went west and found a boulder, but I saw no flag and it looked to far from the stream. There were a bunch of other people milling around. I went down to the stream, and looked back up to where I had been and saw the flag.
12. Further left than most people, through the cliffs. Don't know if that was good or not.
13. The best running seemed to be straight, down through the reentrant.
14. Intended to go almost due S to the trail, but instead went a WNW. Hit the small trail, thinking it was the large trail, and turned right at the junction. Things looked wrong pretty quickly, and I turned around, but had already lost time. Trails around to the right from there.
15. Should have gone directly back out to the trail, but instead I went south through the fight, and got my glasses yanked off by some smilax. Dumb.
16. Climbed the last hill and got sucked in by the bare rock stuff NE of the control, and wandered around there for a while before realizing I hadn't gone far enough.
17. Should have gone to the right on the trail for a little bit when I reached it, but instead I went straight into the woods and took a little while to figure out where I was.
19. Contoured around to the right, leaving me to climb over a bunch of timber debris to get into the field.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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