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Race Evaluation

Little Bennett - QOC: MD Championships Blue


1. Started off strong. Down trail to trail junction. Followed spur down. Things seem to take longer to get to than expected. Francis off in the reentrant and off from control. Could see the control from a ways away.
2. +00:20Started off going up the field instead of across it. Once I got in the area. I pulled up short. Didn't see any rock features so look puzzled for awhile.
3. Didn't like running side of hill but didn't see much reasonable choice. Ran along pace counting. Things weren't right. Pulled up short again. Decided to keep going as I hadn't reach the reentrant yet.
4. +04:00Ran to the creek. No nice place to cross. Found a spot where I could get a good running start and made my best long jump. Cleared the stream. Went up the bank and into the marsh where I got my feet all wet. Over to the trail. Trail to the road and turned right on the road. Everything was going good but vegetation looked out of date. Cut into woods and things were quite right. Since I was pulling up short I just kept going. Crossed and old barbed wire fence and kept going. Then I thought better and decided to take a better look. DOOOAAAAHH. I was way the heck off. Through the unmapped greenbriar and over to the proper reentrant.
5. Over to reentrant and up the left side of the creek. Ran along pace counting. I should have reached the control by now. Kept going anyway. Found the boulder that was a lot farther along than it should have been. Over to the control. This is when I realized I was using my 1:10,000 compass on a 1:15,000 map. No wonder I was pulling up short all the time.
6. Green was non-existant so I went straight. Tom Strat was ahead of me on the trail through the field. I was surpised to not see tom after I left the fields.
7. straight.
8. Green had paths through it but I kept getting hung up in the green briar. Finally bailed out to the ruin area. Across the fields. Hesitated some crossing the creek as the reentrant was shallower than I expected.
9. +00:15Repeated the route I had already run. Run up the reentrant by the previous control. Lost some time when I hti the trail where I didn't expect.
10. Down to road, to trail to bridge.
11. Tough getting through green to open woods but once through was clean. I expect it was easier for later people to get through. Passed Greg Lennon.
13. Lost time near the control. I got off to far right.
17. Ran throught the start. I got confused by the bathrooms as the roads didn't look correct.
18. Jeff Coker ahead of me.
19. Jeff head to far left. Caught Jeff at the control.
20. Raced across field with tired legs and tired Jeff. Passed jeff towards the end of the field.
F. Wondered where the finish control would be as there wasn't a control there.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:35

Split Analysis

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