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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. Left at junction, following stream of runners. Not sure why everyone goes out so fast in these goat events. I'd never do that in a long trail race, knowing I'd pay later. But I went with the flow, gradually passing Bob L and then Charlie on the trail run (and paid later!). As I approached the control, Peter was coming in from the left: must have had a slight miss.
2. With others, coming in from the right side.
3. Must have been with others, because I hardly remember this leg!
4. Got dropped on the downhill (as usual). Seemed others were going too far right. I went straight, past the boulder on marsh edge, through the marsh, and around the rocky ground. Made up some time as others were coming back from the right.
5. Erin and Tracy were ahead of me on the trail, but they stayed on too long and I made up some time on them by attacking after the first rocky ground. I think I saw Peter here going to 6. Some others (including Sam) had missed 5 and we all converged at the control.
6. Straight. Getting dropped to the back of a stream of runners, but still had to wait to punch.
7. Up the trail to the slight bend, then over. Dropping back, but still see others up ahead.
8. +02:00Others took off to do trails to the north. Trail route to the south looked shorter, so I went for that. (I think Sam and someone else had gone that way). Somehow, after crossing the N-S trail, I didn't find the E-W trail. I thought I must have crossed it without knowing, so I started to angle back, eventually figuring I might as well go straight. (One minute lost so far.) Then I drifted right to avoid some green and the rocky ground, hitting the trail near the trail junction (another minute lost). Easy from there. Charlie and a young couple were coming up the trail, and I got to the control at the same time as the guy. Saw them again for the next couple controls, though they weren't taking optimal routes.
9. Charlie backtracked to the road, I took the power line and got ahead. But I was a bit low and lost 15 seconds climbing up and back to the flag, letting Charlie almost catch up.
10. +01:00Turn map over. Ugh. BH West is much harder for me to read, and my magnifier was covered with sweat and so blurry as to be useless. Need to try one contact lens for the next o-season. Anyway, I went pretty straight. Charlie had disappeared, but Viktoria was coming from behind and we hit the trail together. I was a bit surprised how far right we had drifted. So I stopped to try to be sure where we were as Viktoria went off ahead. Attacked from the junction. The young couple was back.
11. Went to the road. The couple went straight, Viktoria took the road for a while, but cut off early. I went around, just cutting off the corner. I could see Charlie up ahead on the road, and I caught him be cutting off the corner. We head to the control together. He found it first. Those who went straighter were just coming in now.
12. Drifted a bit right.
13. Took some time to drink two cups. Charlie took off right away. (Doesn't he sweat?) But no problem catching him by the control
14. Walked up the hill. A bit right of line, ignoring the trail.
15. It looked like it would take a long time to get to the northern trail, so I opted to go south. Charlie went north. That meant I climbed 9 lines, and then down 9 lines on the NW trail, then trial W to the swamp, crossing the marsh, then straight, aiming for where the trail meets the road. I hit the trail just north of there just as Charlie was coming up it (so our different routes took same time within seconds). We walked up the road together (I said "this is where I'm supposed to get ahead of you - but running was out of the question). Took the ski slope around and down to it, a bit ahead of Charlie heading to the control.
16. +02:00Bad route choice, probably cost 2 minutes. Didn't want to risk straight at it, but then I should have gone all the way around, rather then climbing up to the top. Took a slightly different route than Charlie but we converged on the trail heading SW. We attacked from the bend, and I followed Charlie to it as others (including Jeff Shapiro) were coming out. Saw JJ up above coming right at it.
17. +00:30I went lower than Charlie, and was right on line up to the circle, but stopped short checking some unmapped boulders, and didn't see it until JJ went by.
18. +03:00I stopped to drink. JJ and Charlie took off right away and were gone. Crossed first trail, to second trail, took it to the bend, crossed the stone wall and then somehow missed it left, went to far down the hillside, checking various boulders. Then came back up to it as Tony F. was coming in.
19. Started off with Tony, but he stopped suddenly (to pee?) and I was alone for the rest. A bit right of line to the stone wall, to the trail then right to it. But a lot of walking
20. Very slow getting down the hillside. Then up the road a bit cutting the corner over the open marsh. (Not very fast.) Took the small trail going east, walking the whole uphill. Attacked from the north. As I was leaving the control, I saw Tony leaving the trail.
21. +05:00My worst nightmare. I went to the rocky stuff just after the trail (right of line) but must have come up short and started checking a lot of unmapped boulders, as I drifted a bit too far left. Not sure how I lost so much time wandering around. I probably should have zipped down to trail junction and come back in.
22. +01:00Really tired, and getting really sloppy. Drifted left, and checked out some boulders just off the circle. Corrected quickly, but damage was done.
23. Straight looked nasty, so I went north to the trail, cut the corner to the road, and spiked it. But moving very slowly.
24. +02:00Figured this was a no-brainer, so I turned my brain off, starting left to first cliff, and then missed it way right. Relocated on the big cliff east of the control.
F. Spiked it.

Total Time Lost - 00:16:30

Split Analysis

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