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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. Left with a bunch including Viktoria, Sam, Tracey, and others. HR 166.
2. Still following. HR 171.
3. +00:30Following, though near the circle, there was some confusion over the multiple dot knolls. HR 172.
4. L around edge of swamp. HR 170. Crowd thinning out.
5. HR 170. Punched just after Scott.
6. HR 170.
7. HR 165. Can't keep up with the stronger runners, have to start navigating here.
8. R of line, around the hill, went in after the path jct due N, had to climb again. Should have run higher from the path jct. HR 168.
9. Downhill to get to the road, caught a branch under the L eye, began bleeding, but could not tell whether it was above, below, beside my eye, or all 3. Luckily, my vision was not affected. onto the trail at the parking lot due W of #8, then matched speed to allow Scott Turner to catch up, so I could ask him how bad the bleeding was. A bunch passed me here as I reattached my glasses and trundled off behind.
10. Contoured around the hill, then left the trail S of the reentrant, along the bean-shaped knoll, and in. HR 169.
11. Others are already on the road, so I followed them. I didn't see the path E of the pond, but as I saw them appear to run the whole (or the better part) on the paved road, I took the lower path next to the pond. I came out on the paved behind Rich N, so my route was quite a bit slower. Scott was off the front for good. N of the road has been a tricky area for me in the past, with similar looking depressions, so I went carefully. HR 172.
12. Aimed off due W, then down the spur to the control. I may have seen, if not Scott, then others who had passed me on 8-9 leaving the aid station. HR 168.
13. Aims had no 1st aid kit, only a phone :-(. Had a leisurely picnic while deciding to continue. J-J punched and ran off; I followed for a bit, punching 13 after him. He disappeared from 13-14. He would eventually finish his entire race before I reached #16. =:-O HR 159.
14. W to trail, straight from Jct with Rich N. HR 169. Wow, this is a very pretty part of the reservation.
15. I contoured N alone, took the trail network (not too directly) to the jog in the pavement about 300m E of #15. From there, W in the white to the ski runs, down and punched with no problems. HR 160. Rich's split for this leg was (I think) 6 minutes faster.
16. Over the top, where I carefully oriented the map before descending the hideously rocky trail. Adam R. caught me on the descent and we went SW together, seeing Siobhan and Tori in the circle. HR 152.
17. I think they took the trails, while I contoured across. We all met at the control at the same time HR163.
18. Straight. HR 163.
19. Adam ran off the front; I didn't see him again. I descended, ran across, then up, arriving at the flag right around Siobhan and Tori. HR 168.
20. I went L on paved, to trail, where I decided to run a loopy trail route L of the line instead of along the line so that I would have a crisp attack point just N of the circle. I punched just a bit before S. and T., who had not (I think) used the same route as I. HR 165.
21. Made an error out of the control and got too low, eventually climbed back up the hill side and contoured around, punching after S. and T. HR 162.
22. I went straight. S. and T. went off in an odd (to me) direction at the 2nd trail. I kept the form-line spur to my R and spiked it. Saw T and S coming in as I was going out. HR 152.
23. Low, to the path/road jct, looking for an attack point. T came across the road N of me. HR 165.
24. T off the front now, slogged out of contact near Siobhan, who pointed out a cliff that was not our control. I think she got diverted S of the circle just as I came back into contact and found the spur/cliff. HR 164.
F. Couldn't catch Tori, no risk of Siobhan catching me. HR 172.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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