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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. Been congested for several weeks, not breathing well. Undecided in the morning as to whether to even show up, but the weather was nice, so I decided I might as well jog around the course. Kind of felt like I just phoned this one in, just moved at the same slow speed the whole way around. Took the right fork at the very beginning (along with very few others, and came in from the trail junction to the north. Came across the hilltop, and saw a line of people coming out of the control, but the mutterings and body language of some suggested that they hadn't been to the control. I think I got within sight of the boulder, but didn't see a flag. Did a loop around, and found a very large boulder that I guess is not on the map, just south of where I subsequently found the control.
2. With a couple of adventure racers, and then basically didn't see much of anybody for a long time.
4. Much too far right, never saw the fight or the killer stony ground that I apparently went through, but spiked... #7. At least I knew where I was.
5. Too far left, but didn't know it. Encountered Adam Rudner, who was relocating so that he could go to #4. Saw a bunch of other people who seemed to be leaving #5 in a weird direction. Then I spiked the control, but it was... #6. At least I knew where I was. I seemed to get getting into a bad pattern. On the way to #5, I of course saw a bunch of people who were really going to #6.
6. At least this was familiar.
7. At least this was... talk about deja vu!
8. Up and over, just a little to the right of the line.Actually dropped into the north side of the big saddle and had to turn left.
10. Pretty much just straight. Caught up to Eric Smith.
11. Straight, on small trails. Caught somebody else, I think I didn't recognize him.
12. Three or four people standing around at the water stop when I arrived. Same people still standing around after I drank a cup of water and left.
13. Road.
14. NW to big trail, where I gradually cought and slowly jogged past Bob Lux, then Jim Arsenault, both of whom were walking.
15. Saw Tony Federer leaving control as I approached, and led some other guy in.
16. It's rare that the Great Blue Hill leg actually has an optimum route that goes right over the top, but I think that was the case here. Pretty much on the line the whole way (slightly on the left side for a stretch to follow the road). I think I passed Scott Turner somewhere near the top, when he went around. I correctly guessed that there would be deer trails through the green, and came out just to the left of the control; fortunately, Charlie and Phil were leaving it and I went to where they had come from.
17. Tony Federer was coming in as I was leaving. Went a little left and picked up the small trail, then headed down the reentrant trail to the control. Left the trail because it was clogged with boy scouts, and caught up to Charlie and Phil, who were scratching their heads, but I knew we had to go farther.
18. Passed Viktoria on this leg, I think, and maybe somebody else, too. Caught Jeff Schapiro just before the control. Big crowd at the control.
19. Contoured left of the line, then bit the bullet at the stone wall and did the climb. Big crowd here, too.
20. Hillary, Erin, and Tracy were ahead of me on the road, but as I jogged along, I was slowly closing on them. We went left around the pondand just east of the number "24", I went straight while they continued on the trail, and I pretty much closed the gap. Somebody else was at the control, but I can't remember whether it was a Traverser or a Rec.
21. Jogged away from the control, and seemed to be slowly pulling away from H/E/T.
22. Was Michael Hughes here, maybe?
23. When I hit the road, Jim Pugh was coming up from the left. Came into the control just behind him.
24. Jim went around to the left, I went up and over. Got sucked in by the cliff on the E edge of the circle, and stood there looking dumb until Erin and Tracy arrived as well, and Erin figured out where we needed to go.
F. Just 250 meters, finally tried pushing the pace a little to get ahead of the Olafdotters.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

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