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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. Near the front at the start and had the opportunity to see the world go by on the trail, heading left at the fork and approaching control from the south.
2. Around right of the dark green. Saw lots of folks approaching #1 from the N, which I would guess is inferior, as I would have expected those folks to be ahead of me. Scott Turner and Sam Levitin were up ahead of me, among others
3. Straight
4. Straight. I believe this is where I saw Ernst.
5. Got behind the folks I had been following and drifted down the trail a bit, coming up the reentrant on the route people were leaving the control, including Jeff Shapiro
6. Following a group that included Sam L and Viktoria
7. Following Viktoria mostly. When we crossed the reentrant before the control there were a few people stopped to read their maps. I could see the knoll up ahead and Viktoria and I got clear of them.
8. W to the trail and around on trails to the N. Viktoria outrunning me. When we turned W again, Phil popped out of the woods and we caught up to him.
9. Phil went up the power line trail and got ahead of me. I went out to the road. Got fooled by the control being in the green, as I was expecting it before then. Fellow in a yellow hat caught me here and was running pretty strong.
10. Climbed a few lines to the trail, although yellow hat guy was even higher. Phil was contouring lower. At trail bend near wall cut across (as did yellow hat) and lost a few lines to end up near junction, then up trail past reentrant and over to end of knoll.
11. Out to the road and around on road to the road jct. Depressions were larger than they looked on map. Phil showed up again, as did yellow hat at the control. He had taken the straight but slower route.
12. Straight
13. Road. Yellow hat went through the woods, but had to do a lot of climbing and I got there before him.
14. Phil was a bit ahead of me climbing up, and punched just in front.
15. N to trail above cliffs, then slid down between cliffs on my butt to lower trail and down to EW trail on N end of map. L at the trail junction leading to the corner of the paved road, and up past bend in paved road to trail to ski run. Down the run and in the back door. Picked Phil up on the trail just before the paved road and did this one together the rest of the way.
16. Ski trail to road and up to the tower. Trail E and then ESE down rocky trail, cutting the corner to the trail heading SW under the steep rocky ground, and in on pace and compass. Saw a few runners coming back out. Separated from Phil, but reconvened and found it together.
17. Saw J-J and then Tony F who were coming into 16 as I was heading back up to the trail under the rocky ground. From the jct, took the small trail by the stream for a bit, but it was full of hikers and I was feeling distracted so cut off early and - - got confused. Fortunately J-J showed up and bailed me out. Phil got there around the same time.
18. J-J was looking sprightly and I kept him in view, rather than wasting any time reading my map. Lucky I could hang on, as I could have gotten in trouble here.
19. J-J's pulling away, and I'm reading a bit more to stay in contact. Got to the wall SW of the control way down by the trail and climbed up and around along the walls.
20. Down to the road the best I could. Quite a crowd out a minute or so ahead. Followed at a distance along the road. Lost J-J as he cut into the woods, and picked him up in the distance again on the trail and then the paved road until he left the paved road and was gone for good. From the corner of the paved road across. No real difficulty, and a few people too far ahead to help find the control, but in sight enough to keep me on the right direction.
21. Straight, and thinking about stopping early, but could see the group ahead was still moving, so I kept going. If I could have run at all I could have caught up, but I was just walking.
22. Caught from behind by a guy in khaki pants. Crossed the trails and then along the E side of hill. I could see the spur developing and got in more directly than the khaki pants guy who had passed it.
23. Straight, trying not to drop any contours. Across the trail and the ridge and spiked it.
24. Heading straight, but drifted down under the cliff S of the control and had to climb up and over to get back to the control.
F. Finally could jog a bit on the downhill trail. Thanks, Dean. A fine event.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

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