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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Blue - Day 1


1. +00:10Ran over hill without really looking at map. Stopped at pit and then had to think since it wasn't our control.
2. Ran up trail a ways then straight to cotnrol
3. Followed ridge to control
4. +00:30Ran to road junction. straight across woods. Curved to far to the right and had to cut left after crossing the last stream.
5. Ran to private property. Ran around private property and angled down hill. Up other side to high ground and down ridge.
6. Ran up trail a little way but trail was so bad cut into woods. Crossed stream and ran to bend. Up to road. Took road to right of pond.
7. +01:00Straight. Followed stream up. Vegetation was poorly mapped in area. There were numerous vegetation boundaries that were not mapped.
8. straight
10. straight
11. +01:30Out to road. Up road past swamp by road. Found control in ditch but couldn't find ditch on map. I think it is hidden under the circle.
12. +02:00I screwed up. I ran up hill where 13 is instead of hill by 12.
13. +00:15Area around 13 was confusing. I pulled up just short, took a few more steps and saw it.
16. Took Trail to left of line.
20. +01:00There were a lot of unmapped rootstocks in the area. I was a little to far north.
21. +00:20Took a unmapped fire road to main road. Confused where I was dumped out.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:45

Split Analysis

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