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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Blue - Day 1


1. Prospects looked poor, as I traditionally do really poorly in the rain, since it makes it real hard for me to see. Didn't turn out that badly, although I did a lot of running based on the memories I had from my infrequent looks at the map. Hesitated for just a second or two at the pit.
2. A little trail, a little wall...
3. Bad map reading
Ran for a while on the right side of the stream.
4. Bad map reading
Inadvertantly crossed marsh after road junction, and was a little confused, but corrected okay.
5. Bad route choice
Straight, although I briefly considered road (which would probably have been faster).
6. Followed the line to the awful, squishy trail, then slightly right of the line, and north from the clearing.
7. Did not follow plan
Did not check features en route
Bad map reading
Could not relocate
Dumb, dumb, dumb. Got to the cairn just north of the line, 2/3 of the way there, but instead of continuing uphill to the wall, I got confused, and went north to relocate on wall junction. Then from there I got confused by what seemed to be an unmapped wall and wound up on the flat hilltop across the boundary, north of the control. Once I figured that out, I recovered okay.
8. Eddie caught up in here.
9. Eddie was a little farther left, I was a bit right, got there together.
10. Glad to have Eddie going to the same place -- visibility poor in here.
11. Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
Eddie went along the line, I went more directly to the road, but it was squishier than I expected. Got the the wall corner okay, and saw the other control, but couldn't see the ditch under the circle on the map. Couldn't see the cairn, and I got confused, so I followed the wall back to the west until I realized that I had been in the right place to begin with, and recovered from there.
12. Bad compass work
Right of the line, past #2, but drifted right on the slash-covered plateau approaching the control.
13. Right of the marsh. I don't know why.
15. Did not like map
Came up to the right spot, but couldn't see the upper reaches of the reentrant (shallower than the map shows).
16. Course might have been better if this control were omitted.
17. Did not like map
Ran on streambank. Hard to read map, expected a wider shelf there. Easy approach, though.
18. Took a chance
Got into marsh to the east, but was prepared to head west if control didn't appear.
19. Did not like map
Confused parallel features
Thought this control looked awfully easy, just run trail to marsh, then follow the trickle down. Got about 70 meters too far before realizing that circle covered some useful detail and the control was one reentrant over.
20. The green areas on both sides of the road actually were pretty thick.
21. Bad compass work
Didn't see the indistinct trailon the map, and wound up going almost straight south, crossing a bit of the grteen marsh, and had a long way to go on the trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:10

Split Analysis

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