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Race Evaluation

WCOC - Sessions Woods: Red


1. more or less right to it. started looking in the saddle, but then checked the map and saw it should be on the side of second knoll
2. on compass, right to it.
3. +00:15drifted pretty far left scrabbling around downed branches, figured it out when I got to the trail.
4. +01:30stopped too soon and wandered a bit before reading the map closer, seeing that it was on the next hill
5. straight
6. straight - probably would have missed to the right, though, if I hadn't seen some others
7. Along the trail, Clint disappearing in the distance
8. straight
9. Thought about the trail, but generally stayed straight, going through the patch of hemlocks with the veg boundary. Joe went by on the trail when I got to it, and then a slight bobble before finding the right hill
10. straight
11. overland. Easy enough to go out to the road, but what fun would that be? Picked up the trail by the big rock and easy from there.
12. +00:30drifted a bit right and to a rockface on the wrong side of the hill.
13. Around the hill, then straight, could see it from a bit of a distance
14. +03:00Decided to go straight across instead of on trail, then messed up by coming out too early and not knowing where I was.
15. on compass, could see it from halfway
16. easy, in and out.
17. +04:00drifted across the marsh without realizing it and out to the road. Thought for a bit about where I was before heading back in and finding it. Ali came in right behind me, but she was coming from the right direction.
18. +01:30thought I was looking for foot of cliff, but it was on the knoll. Looked around for a bit before checking the clue. Duh!
19. A little wobbly going around the pond, too far right then too far left. Once I got past the pond I realized I knew this point well and went right to it
20. Slow, but generally making good progress.
21. more or less on compass, checking off rockface and trails on the way, but ended up well left of it. It was easy to find anyway
22. out to the road, then roads to the intermittent trail up the hill to where it joins the upper road just W of the control
23. More or less straight.
24. N to bend in road, then straight across
F. slow

Total Time Lost - 00:10:45

Split Analysis

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