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Race Evaluation

QOC: Bowie/Fran Uhler: Blue


1. Started off Slow and careful. The idea for today was to not get hurt or cramp up (since I was so out of shape).
2. Went to the right of the swamp. Attacked from the broken ground to south
3. Straight. Went through the green so I could get practice orienteering.
4. North to trail (to avoid green). Trail south to avoid green then straight to the control.
5. Trail to river bend to small trail. Past Motocycle gang. Trail petered out so had some difficulty at the end.
6. cut over to big trail. Followed trail along hillside until hillside left the trail. Cut in to hill. Said hi to Valerie.
7. trail all the way to 7. Passed motocycle again. Had trouble finding the trail in a open area where the motocycle people were and felt stupid. Could see control from the trail.
8. Ended up to far north crossing the marsh to crossed it twice.
10. straight
11. Went to water to see if it was crossible. It wasn't. Ran to clearing and crossed at log.
12. Cut back to the big trail.
16. Pegged this control. Cut in off trail once I could see the boulder.
17. Control was tucked around the side of the hill on the opposite side of my approach. Stood there for awhile wondering where the hill could be since I was by the only hill there was.
19. Opps. I scrwed this one up. I followed the wrong ditch system up. I ended up way off. Finally cut over and saw the control. It was number #23. Then fought my way to the green to get to #19.
24. One of the streams was dry so I went to far and crossed the 2nd one. Spent quite awhile trying to match things up. Finally took a stab at where I was and went to the control but this was after wondering in circles to make sure I hadn't missed it.
F. Easy jog in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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