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Race Evaluation

QOC: Bowie/Fran Uhler: Blue


1. NE to get around track then down to ball field. Along edge of football stadium then straight in. Slightly off to the W but saw the bag.
2. E to road trying to decide which way to go around marsh. Think trails to N look better but marsh looks dry so go straight across. Head for greenest part of woods and looked for bag on the other side.
3. WSW to trail. Wonder if dotted red line indicates just the property boundary or a trail along the boundary. Lots of thorns in the woods so go along the private lands briefly before cutting in before the buildings.
4. +00:45E to Merkel Trail then SE planning to cut in at the clearing. Do not see it and overshoot. Estimate position and head straight for it using the gap between the marshes to guide me in.
5. E to RaceTrack Trail then onto the smaller Duvall Trail.
6. +00:40Should have gone straight to RTT but use the Duvall trail not noticing that it does not connect. It is hard to follow as well. Eventually cut to RTT having to wade the wet ditch. Knoll is visible from the trail.
7. Trail run planning to cut in when the marsh on the right changes to woods. Looks like it is all marsh now so judge my position from the wet areas on the left. Spike it.
8. Already wet and see no way to avoid these marshes so just go straight. Stay slightly right to avoid marsh the whole way. Very wet but the green was not to bad.
9. Straight
10. +01:30Straight again but get a little off to the right and miss the bag. Wander around a bit
11. Not a very good job of planning my water crossings as I cross 3 streams instead of the required 2. Eventually get on the right side of the correct one follow it until I see the control.
12. Can not find 12 on my map at first. Need to do a better job copying. NW to trail just running thru any water in the way. Take the small trail which goes on W side of the control. Cut in when I see the high ground. Did not pay attention to actual control placement and run over the spur instead of around.
13. E along edge of marsh then N on RTT.
14. +00:30Back to RTT and cut in thru the ponds. Stright to the drop offs only I do not see the control and spend time reading the map instead of just turning around and seeing it.
15. Staight, using the long depression to guide me.
16. To RTT again and just guess at where to cut in. Figure it will be quicker to look between a few knolls then to take the time to carefully orienteer to the correct one. Only miss by one.
17. Take the trail around and attack from just before the jct.
18. +00:50Back to jct and took the bendy trail N. Cut in but came up short before relocating on the boulder.
19. +01:30W to trail then over to RTT in the clearing. At trail bend in large clearing cut straight for 23 spiking it. Should have spiked 19 from there but missed to the N and had to come back from the larger stream.
20. N to underpass, then planned to take trail SW then NW. Large crowd of ATV came roaring down the trail so cut N at first trail and ran thru the water. Read my way thru the streams and spiked it. Of the splits posted so far this is the only leg I won. (Now that Ted has posted I am only 2nd on the leg.)
21. Straight but could not keep my bearing. Each time I checked I was going a different way. Figured I would have to come back from the Patuxent. Got lucky and found a tree stand in the woods. It was on the map. Easy from there.
22. Straight and followed the line of ditches. At 76 minutes now. Know that Ted did 93 so might be able to beat him if I can keep the pace
23. Aim straight for the underpass again. Kind of fun to be so wet that I just run thru whaterver water is in the way. Not sure of route now. As I look at the map now I realize I was apparently planning route to 19 and cut off the trail early. One in the woods I must have reoriented on 23 because I went right to it.
24. +02:00Out to trail and clearing following the reverse path I used on the way to 19. Not sure of exact location on trail. Tried to judge from the water but must have cut in late. Knew I had missed it and relocated from some boulders to the E. Not exactly sure which since I cannot distinguish the boulders from the knolls on the map. Went in up to my chest trying to cross one spot before turning back and finding another way. It had not looked that deep. Not looking good for beating Ted, the finish is a long way away.
25. Bad route choice. Did not notice the tower and missed the trail over to Fleming Rd. Just headed S thru a lot of watery crap until I hit it. Trail thru the clearings then attacked from the N just after the green.
F. Ran hard. Maybe I can win the run in.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:45

Split Analysis

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