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Race Evaluation

QOC: Bowie/Fran Uhler: Blue


1. Started 4 minutes behind Eddie. Joked with Jon T about catching him by the 2nd control
2. Went to the right of the swamp. Carefully read my map before attacking from the trail bend near the M in Merkel.
3. Caught up to Eddie!
4. Followed the edge of the clearing, then followed the earth bank N to the bend before heading east.
6. Skirted the many areas of standing water. I will have a very different approach when we come back through here after #11!
7. Feet still dry!
8. Aimed off left to avoid the worst of the green and swamp. When I reached the end of the swamp I headed south and spiked it.
13. Back out the way I cam in, then attacked from race track trail.
14. Read the ponds.
15. Hesitant until I figured out what those contours were.
16. Was worried about this one, so I went all the way to the trail junction west of the control.
17. Didn't realize I was looking for a hill, and got distracted by the unmapped clearing before the control.
19. I always get disoriented in this area, and I headed west out of #18. Eventually got back on track and took the right trail. Followed the wrong ditch to the north and head to circle back when I realized I was almost at the RR tracks
20. Getting tired now and brain not working too well. Waded the streams Headed west after crossing the second stream but stopped short of the control. Relocated when I saw flowing water in one of the streams -- must be the main channel.
21. Followed the linear lake north to end then straight. Drifted a little left but realized it when I saw the U-shaped dry ditch.
23. Man that seemed like a long way back to the bridge.
24. Stumbled around a bit before I finally forced myself to read the map.
25. Waste-deep in water on the way out of 24. Duh.
F. All I could do to keep jogging.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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