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Race Evaluation

QOC: Bowie/Fran Uhler: Blue


1. Out along the building. As many times as I'd been here I should have known where the fence does and doesn't go through--I hopped in and out of it through the breaks. As I was running along, I read the map checking off things to get a better sense of the 1:7500 scale. I used the football fence and structures to gauge an entry point into the woods and spiked it. The guy who started a minute before me had overrun it and was running back to it as I punched.
2. +00:15Left side to the trail around the uncrossable marsh. I thought to cross it but where I looked, it appeared too wet. I attacked before the trail bend NE of it and had overshot by a little.
3. Straight out to the edge of the private property, then in. An older couple was converging from the south. I hit the curved broken ground, then came very near the small earth wall before attacking successfully.
4. +01:30I should have gone around but was worried about a thorny area to the right that I knew of. Instead, I hit the thorny area across the trail that I also knew about. I crossed one of the marshes after getting through the thorns scraped-up and got very near #14 before going due south to it.
5. Straight out the Race Track Trail, then trails closest to the river. I attacked from the trail intersection north of the control. I passed Mark Mace going the other way somewhere on this leg.
6. Quickest way I could back to the Race Track Trail, then down to the trail intersection west of the control and in.
7. Back the way I came to get around the water, then onto the Race Track Trail. The creek crossing had changed from flooding but I still recognized everything. Back on the railroad grade I had started pace counting but it was merely an exercise because I never measured how far I needed to go. I had set a control on this knoll before when I had course set so I had a fair idea of where it was. I cut in just a little early so that I wouldn't miss it. It was merely 15m further SE once I'd reached the marsh level.
8. +03:30I tried to go around to the left, just N of the green. My distance estimation was off. At the wider part of the marsh crossing I thought I might have gone too far. I turned back to the 50m from #7 again, then turned around again and crossed the marsh. I ended up SE of #9 but had a hard time convincing myself of it. I had no choice but to trust what my eyes showed me and it worked.
9. Straight back the way I'd come, then a little further to the control.
10. +00:30Going straight, I felt I had kept a good bearing. I crossed the linear marsh at what I thought was the split/island-like feature but really was further south. I hit the next deeper waterway and came N to it.
11. Through my former course setting here, I was familiar with the creek crossings and potentials for parallel error. I went straight to beaver dam NW of #10, cut right to the log crossing due south of the control and up. Slow at the end due to not going far enough at first.
12. I wasn't sure if crossing the waterway N of #11 would be bad or not. I risked it figuring that Jon wouldn't have put a control there unless there were a way across in the direction of the next control and I turned out to be correct--I used a log crossing. I got to the Race Track Trail and cut in before the marsh, due east of the control. I drank water but didn't eat a Gu.
13. Back the way I came to the Race Track Trail, then across it to use the smaller trail along the waterway. I passed Mark Mace going the other way again. I attacked from the trail bend east of the control.
14. Straight out north of the first marsh, in-between the next two and up to spike it.
15. Into the funnel and right to the knoll.
16. +00:20Out to the trail south of the green. North on the trail then right not anywhere special. I passed the control, could see the trail junction ahead and came back slowly.
17. +00:30Out to the trail to the north, then in, in-between some knolls from the NE. I missed and hit the rock cairn before coming back.
18. +00:20Back to the Merkel Trail the way I'd come rather than to the Merkel Trail to the west.. I stayed on the right fork and left from the distinct bend SE of the control. I got too far left before correcting.
19. +00:45Fairly straight using trails, then in to the ditches. To run faster, I left the ditches and ended up missing wide left. I relocated a bit north of the control and followed the waterway back south to it.
20. I went NW at first and hit the water. Before getting to the tracks I passed Peggy going on her way to #23. I immediately fell forward and she stopped to see if I was okay. From the RR underpass, I went a littel left at first passing the rocks, then straight across the marsh which wasn't bad at all. I saw the control before plunging across the creek.
21. I went fairly straight but stayed to the right side of the deeper waterway. I had remembered the left (west) side to be more thorny.
22. Straight using ditches to guide me in.
23. Straight, not pausing for water crossings. Once under the tracks, I kept the creek on my right but didn't hug it closely.
24. +01:30I got hung-up in thorns leaving #23. I didn't read the map much before leaving since I had put controls here before. I figured I could get to the Race Track Trail quick but should have gone SE first. I popped out thinking I was at the small clearing but really was a little north. Going right into the woods, I encountered the tannened waters and paused, looking for a way around. I plunged in slowly and got in well above my knees. The crappy woods kept me a bit north at first. I knew the hill when I saw it (I had set a control on it before) and turned south as soon as I could. I still was a bit inefficient having to come along the ridge as I headed south to it.
25. Out to the powerline area heading for the power line tower. Checking the time, I thought I had a good shot at breaking 10min/k so I didn't slow much. South through the flooded trail skirting the right side. West on Flemming Rd. and across the bridge. At the fork I cut left then right on the new unmapped trail.
F. North to East Flemming Rd., left through the field rather than stay on that road and up to the ever pleasant QOC cheering section.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:10

Split Analysis

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