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Race Evaluation

2023 North American Orienteering Championships: C9


1. P D P R
2. P D P R
3. P D P R decided I needed to just go back out no matter what and then made plan. possibly better going other way around and keeping flow.
4. P D P R againt knew I needed to turn round and get to the end of the tape so maybe didn't have a plan fully until then.
5. P D P R
6. P D P R +00:10Didn't have the best plan coming into control 5 so had to slow down to really understand things as I started the leg. Think the right route now is better.
7. P D P R +00:10 The actual control location did not look as I expected it to from the map. The description was North West inside fence corner. Knew I was looking for the inside of the fence but on the map the fence looks like a wall. Went right to the location and started to get confused when I could see it. Turns out we were looking for the inside corner of a bin shed basically and I just didn't see the control from the small opening. This definitely flustered me more than I wanted it to.
8. P D P R +00:25Lost confidence I was reading the map correctly, was 100% sure I had seen a straight route to 8 when I was reading ahead to 9 so started towards all the tapping. go there and then couldn't see the way through panicked and put my head up to look at the around choice and there was Evalin.
9. P D P R
10. P D P R
11. P D P R Nearly got caught out by the tapping right to the north of the control due to the control circle being nearly on top of it. But noticed in time for no time loss
12. P D P R +00:05didn't visulise control 12 very well and ran past it.
13. P D P R +00:03ran to the bottom of the wrong stairs and started looking and being confused, just hadn't run far enough and a bunch of cars made the next path harder to see. Silly really as I knew I wasn't looking for a paved path.
14. P D P R +00:22this is where I wish there was an "Execution" option. So this is why the Picture is poor. I had the right plan and route but didn't execute it properly.
15. P D P R
16. P D P R +00:02
17. P D P R
18. P D P R
F. P D P R

Total Time Lost - 00:01:17

Split Analysis

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