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Race Evaluation

Mid Atlantic Champs-Nolde Park: Red


2. +00:15Left down the green line which wasn't a trail (I see today) and marsh, then hit road/trail before cutting back into field and up to 2 - should've hit the mapped trail and done the bends.
3. +00:15Straight out, then a little low through some extra green on the way to 3
4. Up right to trail junc., up trail, then in from Y leaning to the right of the flat.
5. Bearing - keeping an eye on hill and Yellow to my right. The forest is getting open enough now to do this...
6. Straight. Attacked carefully from bend but then saw bag 100m away.
7. (7+8 was 4:50) Hit the trail but then it took a while to hit the junction so I was nervous for overunning it. From there in I read the green okay, although the footing off the road was rough.
8. Attacked up left set of reentrant and missed the reentrant which, after popping out the other side and studying the map for a bit, did not appear to connect, thus I headed back in to my left and there it was.
9. Trails left, downhil straight from Y.
10. +01:00Climbed to trail and followed it, then it went uphill so I bailed but split between a direct attack and aiming for my original planned attackpoint of the trail bend I hit the trail approx. SE from the bag, stood thinking about spurs for a few seconds, then bailed back down.
11. +00:03A bit right.
12. +00:10Up, left road, cut bend (on left light green part), curved right on larger trail, missed left turn (10 sec), then zig/zag/zig and down.
13. To white, drop, trail, green/rock, then up climbing more than needed and stopping short at early reentrant.
14. +02:30Boy was this a costly route choice. Went straight over as I didn't want to lose the climb on the trail left. Right by 17, but the white from 17-14 was pretty crappy - briars and rocks. Missed the indistinct trail (it was very indistinct), and hit charcoal platform then had to climb. All in all a bad leg for me.
15. Climbed (WNW) out, hit trail then zoom to above 15 and drop fast. I wonder if the x and triangle are mapped lower on the hill than they actually are, compared to the trail/green in the reentrant? That would explain several things...
16. +00:20Aimed and hit trail junction, then cut across briary white (vegetation boundary area) too low somehow, then climbed.
17. Been here before (but hadn't seen the trail I used to get there.
18. +00:15Past 15. Today I'm thinking straight down the green-line trail to the road would've been better. What did other's do?
19. Consider going around right, but decide to go for a closer look - and this medium green is overmapped - it's 'dark' due to the small pines, but it's faster than the white near 17.
21. +00:10Climbed a bit much early on, hitting the road due N of the control.
22. Thanks to the early runners for punching a hole in the green early in this leg.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:58

Split Analysis

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