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Race Evaluation

Mid Atlantic Champs-Nolde Park: Red


1. Compass and take off.
2. Down green powerline. Too fast? But then get it together once I get to field.
3. Contour across.
4. Pretty much straight.
5. Ended up a bit right so came in indistinct trail. Briars have spread a bit to the east but found control OK.
6. Missed this one. First started too far right but adjusted. Hit trail right where red line crossed and took bearing. Somehow got pushed right and bounced off lower trail. Circled back up and somehow found bag.
7. Straight north, hit control and in and down.
8. Hosed this one good. Attacked perfectly, into the main reentrant and moved west. Didn't see bag so circled a bit. bailed out completely to reattack from rocks. Still didn't find it right away.
9. West, up trails, attacked from due south. Hit trail right at control location but didn't see a pit (thought I should be able to see pit from trail.) Went frst right, then left, then saw stones and pit.
10. Up to trail, followed it higher to curve and then cut through the forest to other trail. Unfortunatley, I wasn't sure where I was on the trail. Disn't notice the bend but conjectured the low pine trees I saw to the right were mapped with vertical green. Imagined the contours below me were the spur I was looking for and saw a rootstock from far away. Noen of it made sense, but I found the bag.
12. Trails the whole way but I cut the one sharp switchback
14. Went ENE out of here which meant I didn't hit the trail until the platform in the vertical slash. Continued on trail until rootstock on right and up from there.
15. Screwed this one; hit tootsck to north and could figure out where I was for a while (I couldn't see this rootstock on map.)
16. Couldn't make any sense of vegetation. hit rootstock to east (again could not see it on map.) Eventaually deceide to go west.
18. Right past 15 bag then down to dashed road, up and in.
19. Screwed this one a bit. To far right. Imagined the shoney ground was the wall, etc...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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