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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash: Green Day 2


1. Down EW trail to about even with the knoll, then in on compass. Stopped short a few times, but basically right on line.
2. +02:00Left control headed WSW before looking at map. Ended up having to climb down rocky hillside very gingerly. Ran too far on NS trail near control and hit small depression past on the N. As I punched Bob Lux came in, having made up 2 minutes on me.
3. Thought about taking the trail around to the left, but went straight (as I had yesterday). Saw the house as I got close, and thought I had one more line to climb when I saw the flag just below me and to the left. Bob was there right behind me.
4. +00:30Bob got ahead but took a more left route. I never saw him again. Checked off intermittent stream, stayed on compass heading SW for the trail. Hit trail, I think, near the bend. Followed it for about 100 M, then into the woods. Now that I think about it, I went in E instead of SE, and had to run up the spur to the knoll.
5. +02:30Trying to follow a compass line,and feeling pretty confident because I had been there yesterday, and the cliffs are pretty distinctive. Somehow drifted right, then right again, hitting the trail! Back in and hit it right on.
6. +02:30SW to trail, W to trail mapped larger, then followed it looking for features along the way. Didn't see the wall on the right when I wanted it, but maybe I missed it. Across stream and across spur to what I was sure was the right reentrant, but didn't see control. Climbed higher to SW and went through saddle and down into SW facing reentrant! How could I miss this? Back through, and found it, maybe a little higher than I thought, but I think just didn't see the flag.
7. Straight. Nasty through green. Came up hill before the trail just R of cliff, then across trail, spur, reentrant and straight in. Spike!
8. +10:00Trying to be careful on compass. Green blob is not very distinct. Saw what was either the rock on the edge of the green or the dot knoll (I thought the rock), running slowly to what I thought was the spur, but it turned around to the N. Thought I was on the spur just N of control, but now think I was parallel, on the spur just WNW of control. Anyway, found lots of rocks and a really nice cairn that I would have mapped with enthusiasm. Eventually decided to head down to the trail to try to relocate and found myself in the E facing reentrant SE of control. Tried to climb back up on compass, but hit a pretty distinctive looking rock. AFter some thinking about it, decided I was just ENE and headed up and in. Lots of flubbing around in a relatively small area.
9. To the trail and around. After crossing the bridge went E on trail to jct, then S to bend and up the reentrant. Spike.
10. Probably should have taken the trail. Instead went straight, which wasn't too bad, but slow. Crossed at N end of OB field and picked up trail to near bend and straight in.
11. Apparently drifted right, crossing marshy area mid thigh (and cold). Came out near end of ruined wall. After looking at it for a bit realized it was not my wall and relocated.
12. Along the marsh (thick) to make sure I hit trail L of junction, then run.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:30

Split Analysis

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