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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials for WOC '11: Red


1. +01:00got confused by the extra water, so not quite sure where I was and went right by it. Headed back and saw Kseniya standing with her back to the control, looking puzzled, having the same problem. Of course, she started 2 minutes behind me.
2. down the trail for a bit and contoured.
3. +00:20Mind wandering, got on the road and I was thinking I was on the power line. Lucky I snapped out of it. Then got stuck a level too high, looking down at it over the cliffs.
4. +01:00Didn't see the tiny gap in the big cliff, so I went all the way around underneath.
5. Saw Janet and Dean on the way.
6. +00:30Drifted one knoll too far south, but corrected
7. +04:00Having a lot of trouble seeing the map. Couldn't find the trail I remembered from yesterday, then got confused by a trail bend and went too far. Relocated off a big W facing cliff, 100 m too far.
8. +01:00Very wobbly going across the wet areas. Too much back and forth, and got too far S.
9. OK. In contact all the way and spiked it, but not moving very fast.
10. Got too far down toward the stream, and went up sooner than I thought. Ended up ok. Mike Lyons was there.
11. Couldn't see. When I got to the first trail, I knew it wasn't the big one, but I couldn't read the map to see where I was, and FR shows me going back and forth. Mike L got away on the small trail while I was dithering. Then easy once I was running.
12. Hustling.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:50

Split Analysis

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