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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander X:


1. punch after charlie and before bernie
2. punch after peggy and before bernie
3. punch after peggy and before bernie, someone after this lost his compass
4. punch with group of kings and queens not realizing this was "the climb", walked most of the way.
5. ran trail and punched after jeff
6. chased jeff and ran trail again, punched after jeff and before jj
7. with jeff
8. with jeff
9. ahead of jeff
10. with jeff most of the way until top of mt on RD trail. pat shannon and ross passed us before the hill and missed the turn. probably worked in their favor. felt good so pushed the downhill
11. switched bottles, drank ensure, carried chips but dropped bag when my foot got caught on a log, had to eat them off the ground. the salt and pepper flavor was so good. punched ahead of jeff
12. walking most of the tough to read areas. caught a glimpse of ross again.
13. alone
14. see ross and steve O leave
15. caught ross and steve O.
16. just behind ross and steve
17. ross ahead on the trail but moving no faster, see vadim and perhaps florin on east side of swamp crossing, see piotr, jim perkins, dave onkst and one other at the flag.
18. without looking at my map (dumb) I exit to the trail the same way. I should have gone straight to the trail on a more northwest direction. I still took the route right, but cut the corner up the hill to get started, followed the green trail to the swamp and up through the saddle, down to and across the corner of the swamp. easy route up hill and attack from above. I see Mihai as I punch, he is mamed and does not appear to be happy.
19. straight up to trail, cut couple corners by staying straight and hit the trail again. followed to dot knoll just beyond green on trail and climbed hill between two sets of cliffs, behind the knoll and past the cliff for an easy attack.
20. side slope down hill to swamp and up to road. ran most of the road, but decided to walk the steepest part of the hill just to save my engergy for the trail run coming up. I felt good at the TA and knew i would have a decent place so catching people was not important or on my mind anymore, but when I got to the TA Vadim and florin where sitting there, so I refilled my water bottle and kept going. It was not long before they caught me.
21. and when they caught me I tried to cut a corner of the trail through some blueberry and my left inside quad just seized up. took at least 2 minutes to massage it out. the rest of the trail run down the hill was ok and no reocurrence of cramps
22. I saw florin punch and leave and could see him most of the way, but I could not push my pace. I just hoped that maybe he or vadim would suffer from trying to stay ahead or make a mistake.
23. saw florin leave
24. saw florin leave
25. saw florin leave
26. no site at flag, but saw him climb the one hill on this leg
27. saw vadim leave flag, no site of florin
28. nobody in site, but I could hear some cheering and figured it might have been a sprint for the line.
F. nobody to chase or run from. little did I know my other half was about to finish too.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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