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Race Evaluation

QOC: Lake Accotink: Green


1. Feeling the effects of the race earlier this morning so did not run very hard. Attacked from the first trail bend.
2. Trail and then cut in when I saw it.
3. +00:30Considered taking the railroad tracks on the S or the road on the N but decided I need O practice and went mostly straight hoping the marsh was dry. Tracks or the trail on S would have been faster but marsh was ok. Some problem when I stopped early at what I thought was a ditch.
4. Trail this time and cut in just past the green.
5. +08:00Straight and tried to ignore all the trails since there were so many. Thought I was crossing the EW stream but was actually crossing the SW-NE one which I did not see on the map in the green. Wandered around in the green 200m S of the control before realizing I was on the wrong side of the stream. Crossed but still not sure where I was. Eventually circled around and and attacked from direction of #6.
6. Trail then thru the woods from the major trail jct.
7. Straight. Not sure what I was supposed to do off the clock here. Thought there would be directions but when I did not see any, just punched 7B and continued.
8. Trail around. Passed by an unknown orienteer on the trail but passed him back just before the control.
9. Angle to trail and inconveniently hit it at deepest part of the reentrant. Trail and attacked from stream crossing.
10. Trail again.
11. Took the little road and cut in from 2nd bend.
12. +00:20Out to trail again but did not notice the fence on the map until I could not cross it in the woods. Found a place where a fallen tree had broken it down. Some trouble in the crowds of dog owners near the picknic area. Did not want to stop and think so just ran confidently to a visible but wrong control on another trail. Had to stop and think anyway. With my poor vision I had trouble making out map detail in this congested area.
13. Straight but hesitant. Seemed farther than expected but used the housing development to locate myself.
14. +06:00Straight and attacked from the clearing. Or tried to anyway, did not see the trail on the map just past the control and wandered around to a variety of other controls and rootstocks wondering why I could not find mine. Finally found it from the spur overlooking the beach.
F. Spur then down to bridge.

Total Time Lost - 00:14:50

Split Analysis

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