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Race Evaluation

QOC: Lake Accotink: Green


1. Up the trail and in from the bend. I scampered up the eroded part of the hill, cutting right and just generally aiming for the top to spike it.
2. Out to the trail, across and in once I could see the reentrant.
3. +01:40Left #2 too quickly and probably didn't settle my compass. I also misread the direction or I'd have followed the reentrant down to the trail. Instead, I angled backward across the hillside in somewhat slow running areas before hitting the winding paved path. I saw Tom Strat probably headed to #11 just as I got on the main trail. Finally out of the woods, I ran the main path quickly and angled up over the ridge to get the control w/no further trouble.
4. +02:00Back down to the main trail and in at a reentrant just past the fence. Passing the first hill and going right a little up a reentrant to a ridge, I crossed two trails and what I thought was a saddle to get in the right reentrant. Eventually, I came over another ridge going further right, searching down, then up the reentrant to get there. When I came back here after the race to pickup controls, I missed this control again but not as bad. I've had errors in this area in previous races so I think something is funny with the map.
5. +00:50Down to the stream junction. I ran haphazardly after that on the right side. Instead of staying near the stream, I climbed along a trail first then cut left along the hillside. Eventually I got near the stream again so I cut up further. This put me at the unmapped trail. I relocated on the side reentrant below the control and ran around the downed tree to get there.
6. Back up to the unmapped trail, then up further to the larger mapped one. I followed this down past the new gate, turning right at the next trail intersection. Leaving from the bend, it seemed the reentrant was further off the trail than I imagined it would be.
7. Angling down to the main trail and in. After punching, I did the optional run up the unmapped trail and back. This took 6:39.
8. Down the main trail and in after the marsh. I hesitated at the trail intersection, going left up the earth bank, then right at the next intersection back to the trail I started on. At the next intersection, I ran up the ditch on the left. I hadn't read the clue being between the ditches and had thought it'd be in the ditch. Fortunately I crossed to the left middle and could see the control on the right side middle between the ditches.
9. Down along the reentrant, crossing it at the end up to the main trail. I cut in well in advance and contoured over to it.
10. +00:20Back out to the main trail. I thought back-dooring it would get me around the green near the control quicker. It seemed to me that the bends of the main trail were over-emphasized on the map. I didn't seem my attack point but stopped anyway just past it (in view of the paved winding trail). Coming back a little, I climbed-up to the spur.
11. Out to the main trail and up the winding paved trail through the first switchback. Cutting in and crossing the green, I paused in view of the reentrant. I couldn't see the control nor the bend in the reentrant. I edged forward and saw it a few steps later just a little higher than I thought it'd be.
12. +03:00Down the reentrant and over the broken fence and green area to the main trail. With all the time on the trail, I got to reading ahead as well as trying to move fast. I focused on #13 and went straight to it first by paralleling the power lines. Arrgh! Back out, I took trails mostly to #12. The paved trail confused me. I didn't see it marked on the map but later Peggy pointed out that she had trouble seeing it--it was shown in light brown and was somewhat invisible to read on the run.
13. Back down trails and in to the control.
14. Generally going straight, I got near the clearing on my right. This keyed me to go left more. Seeing the stump, I also glimpsed orange tape so I went right to the otherwise hidden control.
F. +00:06Out along the trail. I started to go down too early then realized I needed to cross the creek, I climbed back up 3 steps or so before following the spur trail down to the bridge and picked-up the pace to the finish. This was fortunate as with all the mistakes, I needed a fast run-in to beat Tom Strat--by only 8 seconds.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:56

Split Analysis

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