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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: Day 2: Green


1. +01:30Stayed high at first and got confused in all the little spurs. Finally got down near the bare rock and knew where I was.
2. Pretty straight, good route. Through the S end of the yellow area SE of control and saw the boulder as I was coming down the small reentrant.
3. +01:00Down the pointy spur, cut across the reentrant R of aspens and up the spur, down the wrong spur and had to think for a something.
4. +01:00Wanted to go on road to fence corner, but got pulled up short by gate across the road and no trespassing signs. Angled up across the spurs andhit cliff at fence corner, then up the reentrant to the right cliff
5. Up the reentrant leaving the boulder on the knoll top on my left, across the deep reentrant and straight in.
6. Pretty straight, drifting a bit high, through the two yellow patches above the knoll on the bending spur, then pretty straight, reading the reentrants.
7. +05:00Basically on the line, up to the trail near the open yellow and the trail bend, then across the next spur and I thought one more, but apparently I was short and got confused. Then I wandered down the hill trying to relocate, finally on the little ditch near the yellow on the little NS trail. Then turned up the reentrant and slogged up without further event.
8. Tired. Across the spurs and across the two sides of the trail, crossing high on the spur. Hit the second arm of the trail left of the tall knoll, then straight.
9. Moving slowly, but fairly straight, just a little right and could see the pile of dirt next to the pit from below.
F. Hustled.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:30

Split Analysis

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