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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: The Chase


1. The map scan will be here in due time. I raced out of the start hard, passing vadimm in the process and trying to catch tdgood.
2. Racing up the field towards a string of chasers that included Nadim, Joe, tomwcarr, and tdgood, in about that order.
3. See #2.
4. Went after Ted. However, I opted to stay high and then drop down onto the control, unlike Joe and company who crossed the saddle and stayed low. On my high route, I did not see anyone; and, climbed a bit before the control. Once I found the bag, I saw PG catching up. (Or, my thought at the time, was it Ross? they are both short bearded old men in CSU suits).
5. Once I got out of the trees, I saw the string of Joe, Tom, and Ted. Followed them, but going up the knoll could not see them anymore. Found the control by myself.
6. Looked back on the initial descent and PG was pretty far back. Could not see anyone ahead. Found the control by myself.
7. Saw Ted for what turned out to be last time, going up the long hill. Just before I got to Control 7, I saw Tom leaving towards #8, walking. He could not have been more than a minute ahead. I read all the features on approach to #7, and it was right there where I expected it to be.
8. Saw the control from afar, but sadly, not Tom.
9. I thought I went a bit wide right, what with all the unmapped rock on that white spur, but turned out that I was pretty much on the red line. So, I overcorrected and ended up approaching from the left, from a mapped V-pit. As I was going across the field, I saw PG, Vadim, and the Sören guy behind me.
10. I should have crossed the fence on the road but did not figure it out. The Sören guy passed me just before the control.
11. I chased him and punched #11 right behind.
12. Sören pulled away a bit on this leg. I could also hear Vadim behind me.
13. On the climb I could not see Sören anymore. Vadim pulled up and slowly passed me, but on that four-rock hilltop, went due north. So, I went straight to the control from that hilltop and passed Vadim.
14. Bad map reading
I ran downhill, down the clearing, thinking I knew exactly what to do, where to do without reading the map, and being confident I could hold off Vadim and Peter. Sadly, like just about everyone before me, I failed to climb aggressively from #13, went too far W; then mistook the semi-yellow for the full yellow. Once I saw a rocky knoll where I expected the last control; then people going towards #11; then, the finish, I realized my sad mistake. I looked uphill. Vadim and Peter were still going towards me, not the control!! I still had a chance! So, I raced to the pit as hard as I could.
F. Vadim punched just after me. I put on all the power I had. He did not pass me. Final roadkill count: +1/–1.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:05

Split Analysis

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