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Race Evaluation

DVOA Big Woods National Event: Red


1. Trail to easy first control
2. Ran to camping area, took trail then bearing
3. Out to trail, took bearing from tower, but went too far left. Hit trail, then looped around.
4. Went too far left, never found control. My first missed punch. When relocating many times, never went far enough back.
5. Once I gave up on number 4 after an hour, then bearing from tower to control
6. Went too far right to trail, then followed to control
7. Went too far left, looped around to finally find control
8. Took trail half way then bearing across
9. A slight left loop into control
10. Went left instead of straight on trail at first, eventually took trail then up hill to control
11. Went a little left, but no issue finding it
12. Went way too far right, hit parking area then went up trail to take bearing
13. Went up to trail and followed it around then bearing across then up to control
14. Went a little too far left, but wrapped around
15. Straight until road, then went a little right before looping around
16. Straight
17. A little too far right
F. Finally finished

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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