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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: The Chase


1. This race doesn't count for anything so didn't run hard. tried to just keep running. Started about 40 seconds behind Joe Brautigham. Followed Joe
2. Straight. Saw a line of people in front of me running across the clearing. Gaining on Joe even thought not trying to run anyone down.
3. Straight
4. Had looked at this earlier in the course and was leaning towards going right but decided to see what others ahead of me would do. They all decided to go up the reentrant to the saddle so that is where I went. Caught Tom Carr on this leg. Joe, Tom and I were together for the rest of the course.
5. Could see we were losing ground the people in front of us (mikhail conraddi I think). Oh, well, I wasn't in any hurry.Up the spur and around the hill
6. Headed to the notch. Tom was going to go right and stay high but when Joe and I went to the notch he followed.
7. Followed Joe. We were to far left and Joe ducked behind some rocks. I thought he punched to went there also. Sucker, there was no control.
8. straight
9. Straight. Joe go to far right.
10. slightly left to avoid crossing the marsh (which was bone dry). Crossed the fence at where is met the road.
11. straight.
12. straightish
13. Joe was to high as was Tom. I knew that but still decided to cut up to where they were. We came over the hill to early. Joe ran away. Tom and I slow to the control and not that clean.
14. Tom goes running off.
F. Tom Sprints into the finish and beats me by a minute since I justed jogged.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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