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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: The Chase


1. Chase start. Joe B. jumped out ahead of me and then handed me a map. Then I think he jogged along with Tom Carr, Eddie Bergeron and others. Going straight with the train, I got there behind Tom and Eddie. I was a bit unsure droppind down to the reentrent but we pretty much spiked it.
2. Straight again across the bowl shaped field with the train, I passed Tom and Wyatt and followed Eddie for a while before passing him. I should have read more carefully and used the boulder to attack from but with all the people there, I don't think I saw it.
3. Straight, I and followed the train ahead of me into the control.
4. A bit left and contour up to the saddle. Feeling the altitude and the climb, I eased back. Eddie couldn't hold back any longer and took off. I mostly was behind him going down the saddle lower than others. At first the distance seemed too far to me but the spur and rock were good to attack from. Everyone around seemed to spike it.
5. Straight down the long field. I was slower than others crossing the fence which Ross hopped. I went a bit left up the saddle then right into the control.
6. +00:15Going straight, I realized everyone was going left. I checked my compass again and decided to go off on my own to the right. As should be expected, I had misread the ridges ahead, seeing only one, not two. The others went around the first. I climbed a little more than they but felt strong doing it. I lost time to one person but had actually seemed to gain on the others.
7. Out to the road, then straight upward. I read the rocks on the way and upon crossing the road, I checked the distinct trail bend before dropping down to the control. I gained on some including Ross and Robbie who had stopped at different points.
8. Chasing the train, I thought to eat a Gu. I hadn't realized that I'd only been out 20 minutes--it just seemed appropriate for the middle of the course and I hadn't stopped for the water at #6. The Gu didn't go down well but seemed to help later. I passed Ross who was walking and gave me some encouraging words.
9. Going straight at first, I gained on a crowd. The leader was a bit left so I cut right--others corrected too. I passed Robbie but at the barbed wire fence I got hung up going between the wires. Robbie helped me out. I pulled the wires open for him and we went on. The rain and lighting were exhilirating though worrisome. The control in the copse in the field was fairly easy but had a fear factor.
10. Going straight, the map seemed funny. We crossed the marsh and a line of rock not on the map. We also were right of the reentrant but dropped into it to the control.
11. Straight to the spectator control near the start. I could hear someone yelling for Victoria and wondered if she was catching us.
12. Out along the road, then contouring up. The others were still bareley in site. I went around the knoll on the left side but think the right was faster. I was slow to punch and could hear Robbie right behind me.
13. +00:25Following the field up the hill I moved steadily but lost site of those ahead. At the ridge I cut right and saw one of them. He was cutting left like he was headed to #14 so I continued. I finally had to tell myself to look at the map and not fumble about in the rocks. I realized quickly it was to my left and went straight there.
14. Straight, I could see Robbie ahead but off to the right. I gained on him as we converged to the control.
F. Robbie was a good 60-70m ahead. I cut it more than in half before he heard me coming and ran harder just as I was tireing.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:40

Split Analysis

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