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Race Evaluation

DVOA Independence O Day: SPRINT/Stage 1


1. RouteGadget is here. Started slow, trying to get used to the map.
2. Did not follow plan
Did not read control description
Followed others
From the assemby area, had seen Eddie power to the right of the building, so initially went towards that way without thinking. On this leg, first looked at the map once I reached the paved road. It seemed from the map that the control was on a stone wall junction, and I only looked up "which corner of" from the description sheet, not on which actual feature. So, I thought it was on the W side of the wall junction, the walls being uncrossable according to the event info. Thus to the right of the building seemed illegal; so I quickly changed the plan and went to the left. Once I got to the S of the wall junction, I could see there was no bag there or to the W of the junction. I could also see the bag to my right. I jumped down a wall without much thinking. I am sorry.
3. I was one of the few people who went the S-curve way. It was probably the best.
4. Did not check features en route
Confused parallel features
Stayed on the paved road for a while, then cut through. Once I hit the trail before the knolls around the control, I did not utilize a critical piece of information, that the trail to my left was bending to the right. There was a knoll to my right, so I thought I was going to hit the control right on—wrong... it was the other knoll (which possibility I did also consider). I overshot to within sight of the bridge and relocated. Since I had realized I'd possibly hit a parallel feature, I was able to relocate at some speed, so the time loss was quite limited.
5. Did not follow plan
Went on the southern trails, and the first trail junction after the bridge was grassy/indistinct, so I did not take that trail. Would have saved me 29 meters. The control was further to the W than I had expected.
6. Instinctively (searching for the least amount of offensive vegetation), I exited away from the next control, to the NE. This turned out to be the best, as to the W was a jump and lots of vegetation, according to Wyatt.
9. Sandy F found this one for me.
10. Bad compass work
Once I got to a paved road, I thought I was further N (going NNW), but I was going NE and didn't check the compass. Got to a trail junction and took a right according to the plan. As soon as I took the right, things that weren't making sense jumped out at me... such as a clearing at the road junction being to my left instead of to my right. Actually the clearing was mostly mapped as dark green. I cut back through the not-so-dark green and got on with the route.
11. Here's where my lack of training really let itself be manifestly known...

Total Time Lost - 00:01:20

Split Analysis

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