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Race Evaluation

DVOA Independence O Day: SPRINT/Stage 1


1. +00:04The printing of the course on the map left a lot to be desired. The course lines are very close in color to the contour lines. The control numbers also just over jumbled the whole area. The control numbers were often printed in areas like dark green where they were hard to see. At the start, couldn't find anything on the map. Finally found the start triangle with tons of lines coming out of it. Two of them were contours. Ran to where everyone else was running but still hadn't found it on the map.
2. Still hadn't located where I was on the map. Just kept going where others had run. Looking at the map I see that the control code is closer to the circle than the control number which confused me. I just jogged along. finally found that the control circle and realized I was almost there. Cut up to building and to the control.
3. +00:10Started off the wrong direction. Not surprising since I couldn't find where I was again. Down road right around first green patch.
4. +00:15Down the road, cut corner to the trail. Overshot by about 10 meters where to cut in. fought my way through green to control
5. +00:15Went back to the trail. wrong way. Took the trail around to the trail by the road.
6. North east to the road.
7. +00:30didn't take the best route. Came in on the road by the building. Then started across the field not thinking the control was on the close edge.
8. right back the way I came. Went right on the road (wrong way) Not surprising since I lost where I was on the map again. North of the building by the green. Cut across green to the control.
10. North to the triangle road junction. Would have run by the control because I had lost my place again. The people in front me punched so I stopped and looked at my map again. Ok punch.
11. wasn't sure which way was the best way around the ruin. Nadim went right and this was my chance to gain on him. So instead I hesitated trying to read the control description. Lost whatever time I would have saved.
12. Nadim went north, I don't know why. I had already planned my route. Back to the field.
F. +00:02Lost my place again on the map. Hesitated looking for the next control only to realize it was the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:16

Split Analysis

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